Step by Step Roadmap – Understand What Happens When Selling Your Business

Many business owners have told us that their biggest frustration when starting the sales process is that they don’t know what the process involves.  This made it difficult to know where to start.  It also was difficult to know when information should pass from the seller to a potential buyer – how do you protect yourself and still give the buyer enough information to purchase the business. Too much too soon or too late could ruin the deal and possibly your business.  

Even service professionals have been asking for a roadmap of the entire process. Often a professional will come in for only a portion of the business sale process, however, their actions could influence other areas where they are not directly involved.

We know there is a lot of information for you to go through, so we developed a roadmap that was straight to the point. This is not a one size fits all roadmap, though we tried to get it as close as possible.  As time goes along we will add more supporting information for those who are interested. We will also add additional roadmaps for individuals who will be going down a different path than an asset sale to an interested individual or entity.

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